The NMEA 2000 N2K Starter Kit will supply a complete data and power network to all your NMEA 2000 marine electronic devices on your boat. The backbone and its accessories provide everything you need for your first NMEA2000 system.

This Starter Kit includes:
1 x QK-AS2K-B NMEA2000 Backbone
NMEA 2000 (aka.N2K) is a plug-and-play communications standard used for connecting marine electronics including sensors and display devices. The NMEA 2000 protocol increases the speed and functionality while significantly reducing the wiring and expertise needed for marine electronics setup on boats and ships.
The 6 port NMEA trunk allows for connection to 2 terminators, and 4 other connections (12.0V power and networking for 3 pieces of NMEA 2000 equipment.) Combine with the AS2K-P to allow connection to 4 pieces of equipment.
1 x QK-AS2K-T NMEA2000 Backbone Terminator Set (Male and Female)
1 x QK-AS2K-P Power-Tap T-Splitter Cable
1 x QK-AS2K-C Standard Connector Cable

NMEA 2000 N2K Starter Kit

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