The Barometer is intended for measuring atmospheric pressure within the range from 300 to 1100 hPa or mbar (225 to 825 mmHg), it provides chart plotters and instrumental displays with barometric pressure data.

This product is designed for weather monitoring. The sensor is located inside the device case. Many chartplotters and digital navigation instruments are able to display data on pressure in the form of graphs (modern Vulcan7old ST70) or show a trend indicator; this allows tracking of trends in the weather change.

Pressure data output resolution to a NMEA 2000 Version 3 network is 0.01 hPa (mbar), absolute measurement accuracy is ±1 hPa, relative measurement accuracy is ±0.12 hPa. We also recommend our Humidity Sensor YDHS-01, it will provide your instruments with relative humidity, air temperature and calculated dew point temperature.

Yacht Devices Digital Barometer YDBC-05 NMEA 2000 / Seatalk NG

  • £125.00

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