The Autopilot is a course computer and actuator control unit in a single housing. It can control vessels up to 40" and 12 tonnes displacement. It can control a hydraulic pump or a reversible linear drive with electric clutch, providing 10A maximum continuous current (16A peak) and 12/24 volt supply.

For minimal installation, apart from the drive, you will also need the NMEA 2000 network or SeaTalk NG network with the heading sensor and rudder angle sensor. In the simplest case, the Autopilot can be controlled with five (or even two, STANDBY and AUTO) buttons connected to its terminals. Feedback from the Autopilot can be obtained using internal LEDs and external LEDs and buzzer connected to the unit's terminals. We do not yet offer finished control panels, so you can make your own using the design and buttons you like.

The Autopilot supports AUTO, WIND and TRACK modes. To operate in WIND mode, the boat's network must include the wind sensor. For TRACK mode, you need a GPS and chartplotter on the NMEA 2000 network, or navigation software on a PC or mobile connected to the NMEA 2000 network via the gateway.

Yacht Devices Autopilot YDAP-04N

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