The Thermometer performs measurements within the range from -55 to +125°C (-67..+257°F) with absolute measurement accuracy of ±0.5°C.

The sensor is placed outside the case on a flexible, 95cm wire in a sealed stainless steel sleeve and can be used to measure the temperature of gases or liquids. If necessary, the wire can be elongated up to 100 meters. The Thermometer can be configured by the user to display data as "Air temperature" (factory setting), "Sea temperature", "Temperature in the refrigerator", "Temperature in the engine room", "Bait Well Temperature", etc.

Temperature data output resolution to a NMEA 2000 network is 0.01°C, absolute measurement accuracy is ±0.5°C. To measure extemely hot tempeatures we can recommend our Exhaust Gas Sensor YDGS-01, but it has much lower accuracy. For air temperaure you can choose our Humidity Sensor YDHS-01, it will also provide you with relative humidity and calculated dew point temperature.

Yacht Devices Digital Thermometer YDTC (NMEA 2000 or SeaTalk NG)

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