New product: Tank Level Adapter YDTA-04 for NMEA 2000 networks

New product: Tank Level Adapter YDTA-04 for NMEA 2000 networks

The Tank Adapter YDTA-01 is one of our most popular devices. Despite its very reasonable price (USD $149), it offers exceptional configuration options: it can work with voltage and resistive sensors, work in parallel with existing gauges, provide accurate readings on tanks of any shape, and manage digital switching equipment, etc.

The new model offers four measurement channels, so the price per channel is 3 times less. With comparable overall power consumption (51 mA for YDTA-04 and 45 mA for YDTA-01 model), the consumption per channel is three-and-a-half times less.

The YDTA-04 will not replace the YDTA-01 in our product line. The YDTA-04 was created in response to the demand of professional installers. It can be configured with a hidden button (user can select one of 15 presets and for typical cases this is adequate) or via the CAN bus (the NMEA 2000 gateway of any manufacturer is required). The YDTA-01 has MicroSD slot and can be configured by both methods (via the CAN bus and from MicroSD card), which is easier for private users who may have no NMEA 2000 gateway.

The new device was presented at the METS Trade 2021 expo and received a lot of interest from professional visitors. It has the best price per channel in the market and allows connection of all tanks on a 8-15m boat to NMEA 2000.

The YDTA-04 is certified by NMEA and ready for order.